Privacy Policy

Personal information

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that is active since May 25th 2018, the user allows „Biologer Community“ to collect his personal data: first name, last name, e-mail address, institution name, location given as geographical coordinates of the place where a particular taxon has bean recorded and the time of the record.

These data could only be used for the purposes and in a means listed in this document and further constrained by the licenses selected by the user. Biologer project team can changes this privacy policy, but must inform the users about the change. Persons responsible for implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation are the Administrators of the Local Biologer community:

Full name Institution Email
Nenad Živanović nen.zivanovic [at]
Ана Голубовић Биолошки факултет, Универзитет у Београду lunja975 [at]
Милош Поповић Универзитет у Нишу, Природно-математички факултет, Департман за биологију и екологију mpopovic [at]
Никола Васић Универзитет Сингидунум nvasic [at]

Local community defines licenses for using data about taxa observation, which could contain your personal data. By selecting the default data license the user can chose what to share with others (see the licences page). User can change the license that will apply to new data delivered to Local Community, or send a request to the Responsible persons in order to change the license of existing data. Biologer supports open software and open, scientifically verifiable data and we do not recommend users to use closed licenses. Good scientific practice must ensure that the all records from the field can be verifiable, thus for each observation Biologer shows who (name, surname and institution), where (geographic coordinates or UTM square) and when (which date) certain taxa has bean recorded. If a user would like to restrict access to his personal data for people outside of the editorial board (administrators and taxonomic experts for a particular group), closed license can be chosen.

Biologer is committed to maintain privacy of the users and will take all technical and organisational measures to protect user’s personal data, with guarantee not to distribute or sell restricted data to third parties without permission of the user. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the user can use its legal rights in order to get a confirmation about the data usage, get a query of his personal data, correct and amend his personal data, ask to be excluded from further data processing, to block illegal data processing, to ask for deletion of his personal data and user account without any negative consequences, to take a copy of his personal data for saving them to other software platform, etc. The user request can be send to the persons responsible for implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation using e-mail address. When submitting the request it is required to give your name and surname, institution and the email address of the account registered within Local community.

Biologer web platform may, in accordance with the law, collect certain data about its users obtained during the website usage. This information can be used for displaying user activity statistics, and for improving and customizing the website and its content. In this case, contact information, except for user name and surname, will not be displayed.

Collected personal information can be accessed by developers and administrators of the Biologer Local community and persons engaged in processing the information on our behalf for the purposes specified in this policy.

Terms of use

Users are responsible for entering correct personal informations on their user account, primarly their full name, surname and email address. This is important since we would like to connect your field observations with you and to ensure verification of these data in the future.

Users should enter correct data on the species observations from the field, while forged entries are considered stirct offence of our terms of use. Wrong data on species distribution are not good for anything and our editorial board is trying to minimise the mumber of such records.

Users should respect other person’ opinion and use proper language in online communication.

In case of violation of these rulles, responsible persons can warn the user or, in the final case, exclude the user from Biologer community. Biologer reserves the right to keep the users data in case of violations of the terms of use and illegal use of the site by users.


Biologer uses cookies to facilitate the monitoring of user activity. Certain settings are stored as cookies in order to facilitate the use of website after the first login (eg. whether the user is already logged in). Cookies do not impair your safety and are used only for easier and safer use of the website.