Project Biologer

The Biologer project was created as interactive platform with free content, intended for collecting and digitalising the knowledge about biological diversity of Eastern Europe. The platform is based on using and developing Biologer software and voluntary work of the Biologer community.

Biologer community, standing behind Biologer project, is consisted of the Project team and the Local communities. Project team works on software development, organisation and structuring the data, promotion and legislative. Project team is made of people from the Organisations that support the work and development of Biologer. Local communities are taking active role in collecting, verifying and presenting the data about geographical distribution of the organisms in nature. Each local Biologer platform (e.g., and has its own Local community made of Administrators, Editors and Users.


Empowering Biologer community and developing the software to create the biggest database about biological community in the region. Using taxonomic experts and motivated development team to enable collecting, verification and presentation of the valid data, enhance the platform itself and improve the overall user experience. Take active role in nature conservation and motivate as many enthusiasts to join the Biologer community.


Our vision is to be a part of Biologer community that works on further development and enhancement of the biggest database on biodiversity in the region, to work on software development and to provide the best conditions for the Biologer community.

Biologer software

Program behind Biloger is a free software issued under MIT license. Biologer web software and Biologer Android application are available on GitHub.