New graph, data import and new Andorid application

There are many news about Biologer in the past few weeks. One of the most interesting for users is a graph showing altitude and months where/when a species was observed. You can see the graph just below the map if you open any taxa from the database.

Another option that was here for quite some time is data import from CVS file. So we finally decided to announce it ready for mass usage. But be warn, you can import a lot of data from your tables at once and create a lot of mess if you do something wrong. So we advice you to read the Help that is available when you access the import option.

Last but not the least is the Android application (download here):
* We finally have automatic taxa sync, so you don’t need to go into the Settings to retrieve the new taxa database.
* There is some visual redesign of the app. 
* Intro and help screen is now more clear and localised to our supported languages.
* And there are a lot of bug fixes such as:
– „Dead or a live“ should not work as it is intended to :)
– Editing the entered data from the app should not make a mess with the stages.
– Logout should now logout user the right way.